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oh loook, part 2, !, and it's still fluffy, i almost expected it would bitter to angst, but still fluffy, yay, fallen banners, cute, other ppl art, by alackofghosts,

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I’m sorry for jumping from the Hobbit to the Silm, but this must’ve been how the Fëanorians solved family disputes: who could win at Twister XD tangled bodies and then Huan jumping on Celegorm and knocking everyone down <3

oh dear you’re totally forgiven because YES~ I’ll publish this so I can remember later because I definitely want to draw it… And I love the Huan detail ;_;

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xredriverx, feanorians playing twister is the best, but the huan detail, got my heart, must remember to draw it later, def, thanks for the mental image, :D, did i say i love huan?, i love huan, hahhah, huan, ;_;,

Accidentally, you say.

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Inktober day 6 - Maglor lament 


Inktober day 6 - Maglor lament 

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here i was thinkind today was a happy feelings day, and then, major maglor angst in my dash?, why, but look, beautiful, other ppl art, by daswhox,
I just had to make a quick Bagginshield doodle after this DOS Extended &#8216;Bagginshield-is-real-Thorin-and-Bilbo-are-hella-gay-for-each-other-and-that&#8217;s-not-even-a-secret-anymore&#8217; Edition.

I just had to make a quick Bagginshield doodle after this DOS Extended ‘Bagginshield-is-real-Thorin-and-Bilbo-are-hella-gay-for-each-other-and-that’s-not-even-a-secret-anymore’ Edition.

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princemaedhros respondeu a sua foto:Very quick Celebrimbor

he’s wonderful ;___; <3

elegantmalice respondeu a sua foto:Very quick Celebrimbor

*licks screen*

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tyelpe, i prefer him like this, no angst for ma baby tyelpe, but we know he has a weakness for flattery, i mean, sauron knew where to attack, also, dad issues, oh no, poor baby celebrimbor, ;_;,
Very quick Celebrimbor

Very quick Celebrimbor

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silmarillion, celebrimbor, i usually make my tyelpes very happy but ugh that headcanon, trying to make him more similar with my curufin, at least when angry, ;_;, these noldor kill me, doodles, quel sketchs,

"Bloody Dwarvish keyholes."

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (50/100)

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no but shit, can u imagine, the key breaks inside, they fail in the quest, because the fucking key broke inside, erebor is forever lost, because it stuck, and broke, inside, thorin's fault if u ask me, reblogs,

[Inspired by fantasticwaffle]
Did you know Sauron is elvish for diabolical rainbow? It’s true.


[Inspired by fantasticwaffle]

Did you know Sauron is elvish for diabolical rainbow? It’s true.

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i had nOT REBLOGGED THIS ONE, must reblog all rainbow saurons, because yes, other ppl art, by elegantmalice,
themisunderstoodorc asked you:
I leave tumblr for a while and now sauron has rainbow hair? WTF? When did this happen? How did this happen? WHY IS RAINBOWS A THING? (Not that I mind I'm just very confused. Love your blog, btw)

Oh dear, Rainbow Saron is definitely a thing now! A quick summary below:

It began with our dear fantasticwaffle who received a rude anon ask and came up with Mairy-Sueron.

Rainbow hair!Sauron obviously became one of my favorite things immediately (I’m #2 fan, because Saruman is obviously #1), so I’m totally into it as you could see!

Since then, artists have given their contributions. Hopefully, more will come!

Because c’mon, Sauron and rainbow? Perfection.

(oh and btw, thank you, dear! <3 UvU)

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rainbow sauron, too precious, and even that red-hair-sauron-anon came up at the same time making everything bigger, oh well, i just love this fandom, if someone has more to add please go ahead, asks, themisunderstoodorc,